Wait For It

(Story originally appeared in the March 2017 edition of Yankees Magazine.)

When Tim Raines goes into Cooperstown next month, it will be — fittingly — as a member of the Montreal Expos (RIP). But he did play three seasons in New York, including the 1996 and ’98 world championship years. So in early January, just before the voting results were announced, I headed to Arizona to spend some time with a guy we were all very confident would be getting the good news. Thankfully, it turned out that we guessed correctly.

I loved getting to know Tim over the parts of two days that we spent together. He’s hilarious, and easy to laugh. He was perfectly willing to talk about the mistakes he made in his career and his life, and he did it all with the good cheer and confidence of a person who long ago came to terms with the entirety of his experiences.

I settled on my theme for the piece fairly quickly — he ran so fast in his career, but then he had to wait so long to get the reward he deserved. In my head, I was really just talking about the Hall of Fame and the World Series rings. But as we talked, a bunch of other examples of having to wait out unfair or upsetting circumstances. It all made for a pretty easy story to write, and I think I was able to do with it what I initially sought to. Enjoy.


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